Saturday, 4 February 2017

The process of being taught (education)

The process of studying and being taught
education / ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃ ə ˌedʒə- / [ uncountable noun ] the whole process by which people learn and develop their minds in schools, colleges, and universities :
The government should spend more on education.
My parents wanted me to have a good education.
Kerry hasn’t decided if she’ll continue her education or not.
public education
paid for by the government especially American

All children in the state have a right to public education.
private education
paid for by parents, not provided by the government
Many parents cannot afford private education for their children.
educational / ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃ ə nəlǁˌedʒə- / [ adjective usually before noun ] relating to education :
Different children have different educational needs.
We offer a wide range of educational and sporting activities.
educational institution/establishment
a school, college, or university

Many educational institutions have not been able make needed improvements because of funding cuts.
educational system
The American educational system is in need of reform.
educational opportunity
Low-income children do not have the same educational opportunities as children from wealthier families.

a Sans Unicode", "Lucida Grande"; font-size: 13.1333px; text-indent: 0px;"> / ˌækəˈdemɪk◂ / [ adjective usually before noun ] relating to education, especially at college or university level :
Leon was unemployed, and had no academic qualifications.
Increased self-confidence can help improve academic achievement.

Her name is well known in academic circles.
The new law raises concerns about academic freedom. 

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