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Related meaning of goal

Full meaning of goal1 what you want to achieve when you do something
purpose / ˈpɜːʳpəs / [ countable noun ] the reason you do or plan something, and the thing you want to achieve when you do it :
The games have an educational purpose.
purpose of
The purpose of the experiment is to find better ways of treating battlefield wounds.
the main purpose

the most important purpose
The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss who will be in the team.
somebody’s purpose in doing something

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My purpose in writing this book was to draw attention to the problem of global warming.
for the purpose of (doing) something
There is no penalty if the quarterback deliberately throws the ball out of bounds for the purpose of stopping play.
for this/that purpose
Read up on starting a small business. Loans can be obtained for this purpose.
aim / eɪm / [ countable noun ] something you hope to achieve :
Increasing student awareness of the issue is one of our aims.
political/business/economic etc aim
Membership of NATO is one of the country’s long-term political aims.
the aim is to do something
The organization’s aims are to provide food for homeless people and help them find somewhere to live.

The aim was to enroll all children in schools close to their homes.
aim of
The aim of the bombers was to destroy public property and get maximum publicity.
point / pɔɪnt / [ singular noun ] the purpose of something that you are doing or planning - use this especially when someone does not understand what the purpose is :
point of
The point of the experiment is to show how this chemical reacts with water.
the whole point
exactly the purpose of doing something
The whole point of this TV show is to get you to buy Simmons’ exercise videos.
see the point of something
understand why someone does something

I can’t see the point of travelling all that way and then only staying for one day.
miss the/somebody’s point
not understand why someone does something
You’re missing my point completely - I’m not talking about restructuring the department
what’s the point?
use this when you think there is no good reason for something
Too many of these kids think, ‘What’s the point of going to college?’
idea / aɪˈdɪə / [ singular noun ] the effect or result that you hope to achieve by doing something - use this especially when you are doubtful whether that effect or result can be achieved :
We make toys that are both fun and educational - at least that’s the idea.

the idea is to do something
The idea of the centre was to provide a place where old people could go during the day.
the idea behind something
The idea behind the commercials is that reading is as cool and entertaining as their favorite bands.
objective / əbˈdʒektɪv / [ countable noun ] formal the thing that someone is trying to achieve, especially in business or politics :
The report focused on three of the business’s objectives.
business/military/political objective
State your business objectives clearly.
the objective is to do something
The objective of this computer game is to design a city.
achieve an objective
The President believes that all military objectives have been achieved.
main/primary objective
The company’s main objective is to keep recyclable material out of landfills.
object / ˈɒbdʒɪktǁˈɑːb- / [ singular noun ] the intended result of a plan, action, or activity, especially when this may be difficult to achieve :
the object is to do something
In this game the object is to score as many points as you can in the time given.
object of
The object of the search was to find a small plane that has been missing for two days.
the object of the exercise
the object of whatever you are doing
The object of the exercise is to keep kids in school, rather than let them leave without graduating.
goal / gəʊl / [ countable noun ] what a person, organization, or country hopes to achieve in the future, even though this might take quite a long time :
School children have definite goals towards which they can work.
the goal is to do something
Her goal is to find a company willing to donate money for research.
goal of
The goal of the partnership is to improve his company’s profit margin.
reach/meet a goal
The Red Cross has reached its goal of raising $1.6 million for relief.
target / ˈtɑːʳgɪt, ˈtɑːʳgət / [ countable noun ] the exact result that a person or organization intends to achieve by doing something, often the amount of money they want to get :
The target for the appeal is £20,000, all of which will go to children’s charities.
Our target is the release of all political prisoners.
meet/reach/achieve a target
The government is struggling to reach its original target of $23 billion in spending cuts.
target [ adjective only before noun ]
The magazine has a target readership of half a million people its target is half a million readers .
end / end / [ countable noun ] the result that a person or group is trying to achieve, especially when this is bad or dishonest :
political/personal etc ends
Racial tensions in Fiji were exaggerated for political ends by leaders of the opposition.
the end does not justify the means
the way that someone tries to achieve something is wrong, even if what they want to achieve is good

The demonstrators’ ends do not justify their means. 

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