Sunday, 12 February 2017

List of clay processing machines

List of clay processing machines
below are list of clay processing machines

  • Clay mixers: clay mixers blend clay body ingredients and then combine them with water. they are also used to reclaim clay scrapes by combining the very wet slaked clay with dry clay.clay that has been processed witha mixer must be unloaded by hand and wedge to remove air pockets
  • pugmills: pugmills nthoroughly mix moist clay rather than blades, as in a mixer, pugmills use an internal auger that compresses the clay and forces it through a nozzle . some pugmill models also have de-airing feature. this removes almost all air pockets with in turn greatly reduced time and effort spent wedging the clay
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  • pugger-mixers: the pugger mixer is more preffered to clay mixer or puggermill. pugger mixers combine the functions of the clay mixer and the pugmill. some models are also able to de-airr the clay during processing.one of the most attractive features of pugger mixers is that they do 
  • not have to be manually unloaded and reloaded as the clay moves from mixing to pugging. this results in saving labour and time. other advantages are that pugger mixers have space since only one machine is needed instead of two and they are able to efficiently recycle clay scraps with a minimum of effort

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