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Dictionary meaning of motion

1. the action of moving.
2. a movement or gesture.
3. a formal proposal put to a meeting.
4. Brit. an emptying of the bowels.
v. direct (someone) with a gesture.

motionless adj.
Latin movere 'to move'.


inertia (tendency to remain in motion or motionless), kinetic (having to do with motion); impetus, momentum (energy associated with motion).

motion 1 W3 / ˈməʊʃ ə n $ ˈmoʊ- / noun
1 movement [ uncountable ] the process of moving or the way that someone or something moves
motion of
the motion of the planets
The rocking motion of the boat made Sylvia feel sick.
Newton’s first law of motion
2 moving your head or hand [ countable ] a single movement of your head or hand, especially one made in order to communicate something SYN gesture

motion of
He summoned the waiter with a motion of his hand.
Doyle glanced back at Bodie, and made a slight motion with his head.
3 suggestion at a meeting [ countable ] a proposal that is made formally at a meeting, and then is usually decided on by voting :
The motion was defeated by 201 votes to 159.
motion to do something/motion that
We will now vote on the motion that membership charges should rise by 15%.
pass/carry/approve a motion (= accept it by voting )
The motion was carried unanimously.
I urge you to support this motion .
propose/put forward/table a motion (= make a proposal )
I’d like to propose a motion to move the weekly meetings to Thursdays.
The motion was seconded (= formally supported ) by Mr. Levin.
The attorneys filed a motion (= made a proposal in a court ) for a temporary restraining order.
4 in motion formal moving from one place or position to another :
The end doors are not to be used when the train is in motion.
5 set/put something in motion to start a process or series of events that will continue for some time :
The Church voted to set in motion the process allowing women to be priests.
Once the house had been sold, Jane set the wheels in motion (= started the process ) to find somewhere smaller to live.
6 go through the motions (of doing something) to do something because you have to do it, without being very interested in it :
I feel so bored at work, like I’m just going through the motions.
7 body waste [ countable ] solid waste material that comes out when you empty your bowel s – used especially by doctors and nurses
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