Friday, 3 February 2017

Details on capacitance and capacitors

A capacitor is any combination of two conducting bodies of any shapes and sizes separated by a small distance in space.
It is an electric circuit element used to store charge temporarily, consisting in general of two metallic plates separated and insulated from each other by a dielectric. Also called condenser
Conductors store charge.
Capacitance is defined as the amount of charge required to raise the potential by one unit.

In SI the capacitance are expressed in farads (F).
A farad is an enormous capacitance. Typical values for capacitors in devices range from Pico farads to microfarads.
Parallel Plate Capacitor

It consists of two plane parallel plates of area A and separated by a small distance d.

Let there be a charge  on one of the plates and  on the other and V be the potential difference between the plates,

Where, permittivity of free space
K- Dielectric constant of the medium
For vacuum and air,

Then capacitance of the capacitor, 

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