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Detailed meaning of money

Detailed meaning of money1 money
money / ˈmʌni / [ uncountable noun ] what you use to buy things, what you earn by working etc :
We don’t have enough money for a vacation this year.
I haven’t got any money, if that’s what
you’re after.
Do you think these trainers are worth the extra money?
money to do something/money for something
money you can use to pay for something
Dad, can I have some money to buy some new jeans?

If she’s got money to run a car, how come she gets the bus every day?
Shall I give you some money for petrol?
spend (your) money (on something)
I spend far too much money on Christmas presents.
Don’t spend all your money on sweets.
save money
not spend much money
‘Are you coming out with us on Saturday?’ ‘No, I’m trying to save money.’
waste (your) money (on something)
spend money on things you do not really need
She wastes an awful lot of money on expensive clothes.

We’re wasting public money, which would be better spent on improving the service we offer.
a waste of money
Critics have described the project as ‘a complete waste of money’.
Gillian said not to get any flowers - she thinks it’s a waste of money.
good money
informal when the amount of money you earn or pay for something is quite large
I enjoy the work, and I make good money.
You have to pay good money for a pedigree dog.
cash / kæʃ / [ uncountable noun ] money, especially money that is available for you to spend :
I don’t have much cash at the moment. Could I pay you next week?

She earns extra cash by working as a waitress.

The Health Authority says that it simply has no extra cash from its £136 million budget.
dosh / dɒʃǁdɑːʃ / [ uncountable noun ] British informal money :
He gave us loads of dosh, just for handing out leaflets.

He says if we don’t come up with the dosh by Sunday, he’s selling the car to someone else.
dough / dəʊ / [ uncountable noun ] informal money, especially a lot of money :
He only married her for her dough.

I’d go on vacation three times a year too, if I had his dough! 

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