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Most popular bloggers error

Most popular bloggers error
Firegain.com fans and new bloggers have asked lots of questions why their blog and probably their site is not improving and why they are not yet making lots of money from their various blogs and sites, we are in a generation where becoming a blogger is what most young people seek for because
of its benefits. Mean while , as many more and more people are exposing the hidden secrets of blogging, we are also seeing more and more , too much  mistakes and

Errors being made by these first-time bloggers. This article is aimed at them specifically and it is all about identifying how they can avoid making mistakes and errors that will hurt their new and budding blogging career and also their blog as a whole.

1. Copying Others and no original article

some bloggers don't write their articles or posts by them selves and they rely on an already made post which they can copy from within few minutes. To someone and other people who have had little to no contact with writing stuff other people will read, coming up with unique content can seem like a daunting task. Some people immediately remember their 

school days when they were forced to write essays and reports. The important thing to remember is that you should never copy others. Sure, you can consult other people’s blogs to get ideas and a feel for the subject, but never copy others.

2.Not Using Social Media such as facebook, twitter and others
one thing is to have good post and the other is to have enough readers. having enough readers can be achieved using social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, google plus, and others . using this method you can relay your posts to the whole world and in turn drive enough traffic to your site.The mere fact that you wrote a great piece of content does not necessarily mean that people will notice it and talk about it. The good news is that thanks to social media, it is  now easier than ever to share the stuff you write. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks today, although Instagram,

 Snapchat are trailing them closely these days. Using social networks will get your content in front of more people and enable them to share it with their friends.

3.Not Doing Guest Blogging 
some blogs do not allow guest readers to view their blog posts. and this indirectly and directly reduce the total number of readers you have in your blog. Guest blogging is a practice where you approach owners of other blogs and ask them if you could contribute to their websites. It may seem counterproductive to produce content for other people, but

 the kind of exposure you will get will be worth it. More than this, thanks to the links you will get in return, your own blog will become more popular and rank better in search engines. This can mean a lot once you start trying to make your blog really strong.

4.Not Being Consistent and determined
One of the most common mistakes that new blog owners make is they think they can post new content whenever they feel like it. When running a blog, it is crucial that you publish content on a regular basis. You can choose the rhythm yourself – it can be from once a day to once a week or even rarer. The important thing is that people know they can count on you and that search engines also get a regular influx of content from your website.

5.Not Thinking about the Visuals
Whether you like it or not, the web is turning from text to visual and at an ever-increasing pace. Whereas once you could rely on well-written content to get you noticed, these days, people just do not have the patience for comprehensive articles, even on the subjects that they consider interesting. This is why new bloggers need to remember that the visual aesthetics can easily influence how they make money from blogging. If you can find the time, you should also think about producing some video content and posting it on your YouTube profile. The days of text are long gone.


Avoiding these mistakes is going to prevent disasters. Turning your blog into a profitable one is going to take more work than just this, though. But as long as you are ready to work hard and improve your skills, you should be well off.

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