Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hidden ways to make cool cash from your blog

Hidden ways to make cool cash from your blogThe first two parts of this article cover some of the basic ways to make money blogging, including Affiliate Links and Display Ads (discussed in the beginning of the article) as well as adding additional sources of income, including Product and Service Sales, Freelancing and Paid Promotions – Sponsored and Underwritten Content
(discussed in the middle of the article).
Always remember, successful bloggers diversify their income, meaning they make money from a variety of different sources. The difference between the beginner sources of

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 income and the intermediate level is that the latter is going to take more work and will be more difficult to implement; however, the payoff can be greater as well; and, you may eventually move on to what is perhaps the most difficult yet most lucrative stage of blogging, Building Your Brand and selling YOU.
In the beginning stages of blogging, this can be a difficult concept to grasp... and this doesn’t have to be your goal. You can make a significant income from the other methods listed in this piece without 

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ever executing a complicated business plan to turn your blog into a marketable brand; however, if you do, you can earn money from things like product endorsements, speaking engagements and appearances, and collaborations with other successful businesses.
Blog flipping, also called domain flipping, operates on a similar principal. Some entrepreneurs will start a blog and build a following, creating some value for the brand, and then sell that blog to eager buyers for a potentially large sum of money. It’s the same thing as house flipping or selling off a 

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successful startup business but in the virtual world.

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