Saturday, 28 January 2017

Five secrets for success in nollywood industry

Five secrets for success in nollywood industry
If you want to succeed in the nollywood industry, then always practice this top five secret;
1. Never expose a director/producer or any crew secret, if he slept with you or collected money from you, pls count it as your dues.
2. Don't build pride before relationship, so many nollywood stars are no
longer called upon for jobs bcox of pride. Build quality relationship instead of pride.
3. Obey and respect everyone in the industry, respect is what nollywood values most.

4. Don't challenge your director/producer or any crew worker for any reason, only one phone call can make you lose jobs.
5. Don't talk too much and always mind your business, what you don't know will never know you.

Put this five secret in practice and your street to star story has just began...

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