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DRUNKENESS: A cankerworm in the family’s peace

DRUNKENESS: A cankerworm in the family’s peacePerpetual or habitual exposure to toxic solvents simply termed alcoholism like squall (dust devil) that rubbishes an already swept environment and in relation to the environment and in relation to the society; it shatters the peace of a well built family. According to Robert  shuller,’’ today’s decisions are tomorrow’s reality and frank tuger adds ‘’your future depends
on many things but mostly on you’’ this implies that nothing shapes your life more than the decisions you take . therefore avoid drunkenness, it’s a cankerworm to societal virtues particularly the family persuading people to indulge in things they would ordinarily not do, leads to neglect of family duties, exploitation of resources and leads to self destruction.

“Drunkenness is the condition of a person deprived of the use of reason or the control of his faculties by the consumption of alcohol by
means of some other intoxicating substances. It could be taken by mouth in liquid or solid form, inhaled as a gas or injected into the blood stream’’.
Drunkenness is an offence against temperance consisting in the immoderate consumption of wine or other fermented drinks. The moral deformity of the act of getting drunk lies essentially in the unreasonable surrender of control over oneself and ones faculties.
The immoderate use alcohol is true of the use of ether : narcotics ,marijuana (Indian hemp), barbiturates, sleeping pills ,LSD (  lysergic acid diethylamide), model makers glue, other substances 

that produce an effect comparable to alcoholic intoxication. Cannabis is found in the most areas of the world.
Ordinary, people indulge in drinking to seek satisfaction. Such as the feeling of relief from strain and tension, the feeling of ease in social situations, a sense of euphoria, or perhaps the alleviation of unpleasant feelings by forgetfulness or oblivion. Unfortunate, this action leads to addiction. This inordinate of one’s act from the point of view of temperance consists in the facts that he is prepared to give up control of himself to achieve this satisfaction.

Morally, drunkenness is distinguished in to degree it is characterized by exclusive drinking over a period of years, serious life problems caused by or connected with the excessive drinking and an element of compulsion or addition.
The highest point is when a person absolutely becomes drunk and sinks in absolutely becomes drunk and sinks in to stupor from which he cannot  be aroused or when he can no longer tell” right or wrong” or when the inhibitors in check are so weakened that he can control himself and is in proximate danger.
Drunkenness is an unreasonable indulgence of the same appetite, a gratification of the sense of taste 

and search for other satisfaction. it interferes with human freedom and responsibility.
The sages condemn it because of its effects on man .it leads to many abnormalities such as poverty, the loss of decency, the neglect of duty. The protest spoke of drunkenness as one of the social evils among leaders.
Health wise, drunkenness is associated with disease such as
liver cirrhosis, alcoholic polyneuropathy, alchoholic beriberi , pellagra, delirium tremens, korsakoff’s  psychosisand worst still , deaden the higher centers of the brain.
Special efforts should be employed by the family .the society to get at the root of the disorder, should discover why the individual is strongly in dined to embrace intoxicants for satisfaction and to work a more adequate solution to his problem.

Prayer and counseling is necessary to speak to the conscience of the victim of alcoholism for a change of heart.
Total abstinence pledge is sometimes helpful though with some caution.
Constructive religious guidance provides powerful sources of divine grace for the overcoming of weakness and restores a healthy dependence upon God rather than that of alcohol.

The effects of alcoholism in our society have raised a lot of questions and reactions reckless driving which has resulted into fatal accidents and loss of lives. It has made many people lose their prestige among friends and colleagues. It is a make of irresponsibility and immaturity.

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