Friday, 27 January 2017

An example of an inaugural speech

His Excellency, the governor of Abia state, DR Okezuo Ikpeazu,
Vice-chancellors here present,
Members of the senate Michael Okpara University of agriculture umudike,
Principal Officers of all universities in Nigeria,
My lords, spiritual and temporal,
Principal Officers of student union government MOUAU,
Security personnel here present,
Erudite lecturers of Michael Okpara University of agriculture umudike,
Distinguished guest,

It is with joy in my heart and gratitude to welcome everyone here on this occasion. I am extremely delighted to begin this mandate with moments of joy; nevertheless, I am confident that our silence will be praised by the souls of our martyrs who are close to God Almighty, since this mandate will be laying the foundations for a new promising phase, for the students and staff of all universities in Nigeria. I thank the students and staff of all universities in Nigeria for their refusal to fall the victims of fratricide, and the efforts our loyal vice-chancellors and school senate have undertaken to mitigate the effects of these unfortunate events and to eliminate their consequences.
Today, by taking the oath, I am calling upon you all, students, staff, school senate, and vice-chancellors of all universities to start a new phase which is to develop our universities and improve our system of learning, agreed upon with a futuristic mentality in order to serve the interests of our universities and our country Nigeria and prioritize them over our sectarian and confessional interests, and over all other interests.
The desire of an improved educational system for all university students in Nigeria makes incumbent upon us to activate the role of the school rules and regulations whereby we can share ideas and dissimilarities will be dealt with, in order to reach common denominators which secure the interests of all students of all universities.

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Educational instability and the result which is the turn-out of graduates that cannot defend their various results which we have encountered should motivate us, not only to find the solutions to the problems that we might face in the future, but also to achieve the proper balance required between the competences and responsibilities in a way to enable the educational institutions, universities and vice-chancellors to assume the role they are entrusted with.
Association of all universities is an association with various missions. The crossroad of students, university authorities, prompts us all to endeavor and engage ourselves in educational reforms, this will enable us to restore our country’s education status at the international scene. Association of all universities has chosen to conform to university growth and it is called to safeguard and consolidate this choice because it stems from a united will, which is imperative to immunize any decision taken by the university authorities. Furthermore, it is the educational pact which is analogous to the constitution that joins the universities together based on their own will. It proved to be stronger and far more sublime than any other external will.
Our external relations will be most effective and adequate if they were based on this pact, and thus the interests of all universities and members of the association will be safeguarded and its particularity will be respected; this will enable our country to regain its fallen glory in the world and the International Community as the living example of the coexistence between state, private and federal universities.

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The students and staff have placed their confidence in us to accomplish their ambitions, and not to confuse them with our internal differences. This is the reason why it is essential to realize this fact, to work on fortifying our universities and our coexistence through dialogue and to avoid transforming our universities into an open arena for conflicts. Moreover, educational responsibilities impose upon us to encourage the youth generation capacities to accede to the education sector and institutions in a way to prevent its decline and enable us to establish a stronger and more competent administration. This responsibilities also make it inevitable to rely on the good choices and decisions, to consolidate the surveillance organisms and thus to reward the meritorious, set right the negligent and eradicate examination malpractice and the turn-out of graduates that cannot defend their results.
We will achieve the objective of dissipating the suspicions of the students and staff by building universities they will be proud to belong to; universities to rise by their capacities, expertise and participation in finding the solutions. Let us all allow them to guide us where we have failed, on the grounds that the students’ resisted cultism instead became more serious with their studies. The university educational system is our promising future, the wounds thickened them but made them stronger and some of them became handicapped and thus their glory must be restored. It is noteworthy to bear in mind the importance of a reformative educational policy in our schools and universities, a policy which will restore their significant role in Nigeria as a whole.

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The students and staff of the school and citizens of the country are looking up and hoping to see their universities rising from underneath the ashes once more and therefore we should acknowledge the rights of the students and proceed with the measures which will reinforce their adhesion and interaction with university authorities. We should also resort to their capacities and engage them in a way that will make them feel as actual students and far more worthy of their universities.
Emerging from the state of recession and security instability .There upon, the plans of improving the infrastructure and securing our universities against criminal activities this fact also leads to the necessity of attaching great importance to our universities. The balanced development of our tertiary institutions is an essential pillar of the country’s educational stability; we consider that the implementation of the wide administrative decentralization constitutes an important factor for the development to achieve the required reform in the field of education, social and economic disparity between the students and citizens of the country. Furthermore, it is imperative to attach a great importance to the return of the displaced in a way to close this file permanently.
Our abidance by the charters of the academic staff union of universities and our observance of its resolutions are due to our firm conviction in the International legitimacy based on the principles of right of staff and students. Consequently, we would like to confirm our participation in the establishment of new associations and groups in order to aid educational and academic improvement. In this context we should dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the mission of developing academics as well as revealing the destiny of the students and country Nigeria in addition to recovering lost position at the continental and international level.
Association of all universities has and will always persist in strengthening the relations with the students, university authority and government. Thus we are looking forward to achieving a relation of fraternity between universities in the framework of mutual respect and diplomatic relations which will serve the interests of all universities in Nigeria. What is most important in this concern resides in the perfect implementation of the equal relations which will be lacking all past flaws, and accordingly we will benefit from the past experiences to avoid any upcoming problems and to ensure the interests, the prosperity and the security of the universities in Nigeria.
The association cannot disregard any security violation in Nigerian universities and shall never allow in any case using a certain university as a source to reinforce terrorism, insecurity and disorder. Let us work together to deal with the educational challenges of the country. Challenges are overwhelming but let us cling to hope. On this occasion; I would like to express my gratitude to the academic staff union of universities, vice-chancellors and student for embracing the crisis which devastated the country and for undertaking productive efforts to elaborate the appropriate solution.
On behalf of the members of this wonderful association, I would also like to express the deepest feelings of gratitude to the principal officers of all universities for their sincere, efforts and their national commitment in launching and hosting programs to improve academics in Nigeria, which has succeeded by virtue of their initiative. On this occasion, I would like to express my appreciation to the students and staff of all universities in Nigeria, for their distinguished performance in academic activities relating to universities. We should also point out to the importance attached by these academic duties of ours to the development of academics and to the satisfaction of citizens of the country.
Much work lies ahead; my oath is a commitment I made, just as your will is also a commitment. Let us avoid drowning in promises, let us make an approach to reality and its various fields, within our capabilities, and let us enjoy the support of students, lecturers, school authorities to overcome the difficulties. Let us be united in solidarity, let us walk along together towards a deep-rooted reconciliation in order to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of our sons, to launch pioneering, creative and brave initiatives, to establish the foundation of the capable and educational State, based on the respect of public liberties, the freedom of expression and religion. The growth of our universities has cost us a lot, so let us preserve it together, hand in hand; God is with our universities

Long live association of all universities.



Godwin Emmanuel Ozioma


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