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ALL you need to know in Indigestion (causes,symptoms and medication)

Indigestion is when you feel very uncomfortable in the belly or stomach which may occur after eating. It may be accompanied by burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach is called indigestion or dyspepsia.
The Symptoms is as Follows
1.    Acidic taste in the mouth
2.    Bloating
3.    Stomach pain
4.    Belching
5.    Growling
6.    Nausea and Vomiting
7.    Burning sensation
8.    Sometimes the above symptoms can appear to be worse especially when fatigued(stressed out). When the stomach acid is on the high side, the burning sensation occurs very much.
Also when excess air enters the stomach from the mouth, belching occurs frequently.

Anyone can be affected with indigestion, though some diseases can also be responsible for it. they are listed below.

1.    Ulcer
2.    Pancreatitis
3.    Bowel syndrome
4.    Stomach Cancer
5.    Thyroid disease.

1.    Antibiotics
2.    Aspirin

3.    Estrogen.

The lifestyle of an individual matters a lot. lifestyle such as smoking, drinking, eating too fast, over eating and eating of too much fatty food could be responsible.

It is very important to always seek medical check up or consult the doctor when one feels uncomfortable.

Sometimes indigestion could go to the developed stage, but with quick call for help can save one’s life.


This infection is not something that can not be managed, it is very easily to manage, therefore going for medical check up is the main key to manage it effectively. Also avoidance of smoking and drinking can go a long way to curtail the excesses.

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