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55 exam questions in physics

1.     Which of the following is a fundamental quantity  a. impulse b. time
2.     Which of the following is not correct  the SI unit of   a. acceleration is ms-2  b. momentum NS  c. work is joule   d. energy is watt
3.     Which of the following is a fundamental unit   a. kgm-3   b. m3   c. nm-2    d. kg

4.     Which of the following equation is correct   a. v=u+at   b. v=a/t
5.     The unit of power is _____________________
6.     A lorry travels at an average speed of 25ms-1 what distance does it cover in 4 seconds   a. 20   b. 100
7.      The heat from the sun reaches the mainly by a process called  a. conduction    b. radiation
8.     Which of the following sources is the best absorber of radiant energy   a. white   b. black
9.     Calculate the linear expansivity of brass of length 120m  that assumes a new length of 120.05m when heated  through a temperature of hundred 0c  a. o.42x10-5k-1   b. 0.6x10-4 k-1   c. 0.52x105 k-1     d. 0.44x10-4 k-1  
10.                       In a thermo flask one of these prevents loss of heat by radiation   a. corks stopper  b. silvered walls   c. vacuum    d. cork support
11.                       Which of the following can be used to compel the magnitude of charge on 2 given bodies   a. glass rod   b. gold leave electroscope   c. ammeter  d. capacitor
12.                       A substance is said to be magnetic if a. it is attracted by a magnet   b. it has 2 north poles  c. it is natural  d. it has  no poles
13.                       Which of the following elements are real magnetic elements  a. iron, steel and nickel  b. copper, steel and iron     c. lead , iron and brass  
14.                       The action water rising the stem of the stem of a plant is due to ___________  a. surface tension  b. osmosis  c. transpiration  d.capillarity
15.                       Find the density of a body that has a mass of 300kg and a volume of 20m3  a. 15kgm3   b.  30 kgm3   c. 25 kgm3  d. 21 kgm3
16.                       The property of a body to remain at rest or to continue to move  in a straight line is known as    a. force  b. impulse   c. inertia
17.                       Convert -100c to 0f  a.400f    b. 500f  c. 140f   d. 280f
18.                       A platinum resistance thermometer measures a resistance of 3ohms at 00c, 4.5ohms at 1000c  calculate the temperature when the resistance is 3.5 ohms    a. 33.30c  b. 35.30c   c. 23.40c   d. 31.40c
19.                       Which of the following property is a consequence of super position of wave   a. reflection  b. refraction   c. interference d. polarization
20.                       Mention 3 physical quantities
21.                       Mention 3 fundamental quantities
22.                        The instrument used to measure weight of a body is __________________
23.                       A car moves from
rest with an acceleration of 0.2m/s2 find its velocity when it has moved a distance of 5cm
24.                       Which of the following statement is incorrect  a. distance is a scalar  b. speed is a vector quantity
25.                       A body is pulled along a horizontal plane by a constant force of 10N applied parallel to the plane. calculate the work done in moving the body by a distance of 20m
26.                       Calculate the power of a pump which lifts 250kg of water a vertical height of 4m in 5s take g=10m/s
27.                       Circulation of fresh air in a room is as a result of _________________________
28.                       A tungsten bulb is marked 200v ,40watts what is its resistance when if it is operated at the correct voltage
29.                       Calculate the resistance of a wire of length 10cm , cross sectional area 2.0*10-8m2 and resistivity 8.0*10-7Ωm
30.                       A car fuse is marked 15A and operated normally on a 12V battery, calculate the resistance of the fuse wire
31.                       What is the unit for pressure
32.                       A hydraulic press works on the principle of transmission of____________________
33.                       The unit of impulse of a force is _________________
34.                       The image formed by a pin hole camera is always
35.                       What is the equivalent value of 605mm2  a. 60.5 m2   b. 6.05 m c. 0.605 m2   d. 605.0 m2
36.                       Convert 1000cm to km ________________  a. 1.0km   b. 1.0x10-2km  c. 0.010km  d. 0.11km
37.                       What of the following statement is correct about elasticity  b. hooks law does not apply to elastic materials  b. work done in stretching a material is the same as the energy stored in the material   c. elastic material are plastics  d. some liquids are elastic materials
38.         A string of force constant 150nm-1 is acted upon a constant force of 75N calculate the potential energy stored in the spring
39.         Which of the following is not volatile in nature   a. diesel  b. fuel  c. ether  d. ethylated spirit
40.         The following are viscous liquids except a. palm oil  b. engine oil  c. glycerin oil  d. water
gn: left; text-indent: -0.25in;"> 41.         The action of water rising up the stem of plant is due to   a. diffusion  b. capillarity   c. transpiration d. osmosis
42.         Which of the following is not a surface tension phenomenon?  A. the floating of a needle on water  b. the walking of insects on water  c. the floating of a ship on water   d. a spherical drop of water forming slowly from  a tap
43.         Which of the following factors affected the surface tension of a liquid?  A. pressure  b. wind  c. volume  d. temperature
44.         The quantity of electricity is measured in ______________
45.         A current 4.5A flows through a school bulb what quantity of electricity will flow through it in 30 minutes?  A. 810c  b. 8010c  c. 810.06c   d. 8100c
46.         The galvanometer is used to measure ________- in a circuit a. resistance  b. voltage  c. small current  d. power
47.         An electric bulb is rated 200v ,60w how much current is taken by the bulb
48.         The electrical energy supplied by a lanclanche cell is obtained form
49.         Ohms law does not apply to the following conductors except_____________  a. radio valves  b. transistors  c. transmitters  d. rectifiers
50.                       Define heat capacity of a body
51.                       Define The specific heat capacity of a substance
52.                       What is latent heat
53.                       A liquid of specific heat capacity 3jg-1k-1 or 3000jkg-1 rises from 15oc to 65oc in one minute when an electric heater is used. If the heater generates 63kj per minute calculate the mass of the liquid

54.                       Draw the graph of load against extension for a wire which has been stretched until it exceeds its elastic limit  b. a spring of 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load of 50N what will be its length when stretched by 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not exceeded
State how temperature and detergents affects the surface tension 

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