Monday, 17 October 2016

When you need to make a bridge to a contract and the person that offered you the contract

When you need to make a bridge to a contract and the person that offered you the contractAs we all know, the main aim of a contractor, business person is to win contracts. but the main fact is when a contract awarded to a business person, it might not work well between the business man or woman and the client.  but the truth is that such contracts and the clients awarding the contract  should be left to be  in order not to lose out in you business line
entirely. below are the issues that should make you drop the contract and the client involved.
  1. when there is loss of respect and trust when executing the business or contract:  this point is one of the main points that lead to break ups in business relationship. therefore on this note every business man or woman should make space for respect and trust in their various business relationships. now look at the benefit of respect and trust in business relationship; it will lead to easy interaction, exchange of business ideas, but when there is no trust and respect there will be poor business relationship in the sense the business contractor and the client will not be able to share lots of things including the release of funds for the business , on the other hand the business contractor and the client will lose confidence on both sides and other issues that will lead to poor growth in business relations.
  2. When you don't like the work or contract: the fact is that as humans we have our various taste, that is there are things we like, this we don't like and on the other hand their are contracts that business men and women might like, and contracts business men or women might not like. now if you don't like the contract, or the business the best thing to do is to step down, and leave the contract. but remember the truth is in case you don't like the contract refuse it from the unsent and not at the middle o the contract because you will directly or indirectly make your business image low and your client will not be happy with your actions. therefore when you don't get your self into the contract you will save your self , company, or business unit lots of things which include your business reputation, standard and you will save your self and company the unhappiness you might face when executing the contract.
  3. When you are not paid in full: this case is more serious because it is some how the fault of the client and not the business contractor because the client is the one to pay for the project or contract. so as a business person your payments are very important because it serves as encouragement to you as the owner of the business but when you are not paid or paid inadequately the truth is that you will lose focus and joy because there are lots of things you are to use you cash for. therefore i as a blog writer is urging every client to pay his business contractors well as it will improve the project out put and indirectly improves the social wellbeing of the business contractor

The main aim of every business person is to make profit, but on the other hand some contracts might not be awarded to you or may be if awarded you will experience some challenges, and when you notice such contracts what you have to do is to avoid them and try to gain more reliable, trustworthy contracts

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