Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What you should do when you workers and staff are not performing well

What you should do when you workers and staff are not performing wellAs we all know one person cannot manage a business.When you own a growing and high rated business you must employ staff and workers in other to aid faster performance but in most cases some of your workers might not be performing up to you standards , then you have to do some thing and the actions you are should are listed and
fully explained below.
  1. Re-shuffle your staff: in most cases an employer might post his or her worker to a certain department in a company and such worker might not have enough idea(s) and technical know how in performing his or her duties. now it is the duty of the employer ( the boss) to look into the departments and the workers involved and make little changes that will yield positive results. therefore i urge such employer to analyze and compare his workers abilities with the departments he wants his workers to work in.
  1. Conduct talk shows and seminars for your staff: actually it is already known that when one dictates a fault in his workers he or she probably will have the solution and conducting seminars could be part of the solutions. when conducting the seminar you can invite a professional outside you business or you and your workers can do it on your own.but left for me ,i prefer inviting outsiders that a professionals to conduct the seminar so that you and your staff can experience new ideas and tips. well you can invite me : and if you are interested you can check out my contact details by clicking here
  1. Regular promotion and regular rank upgrading for your workers: if you have tried point (1) and point (2) and you are not experiencing positive results you can try promoting your workers. note to well that promoting you staff , i mean the hardworking and more experienced staff. you will create a level of competition that will indirectly make the lazy workers and unexperienced ones to sit up and this will on the other hand improve the total performance of your workers or staff.
  1. Getting rid of low performing staff: This is a sign of discipline because it will teach the other staff to work more and perform better. also it  will create a situation where the business man will have more respect and dignity. it will also enable you to employ more experienced staff and also qualified staff. but note as well you need to conduct proper screening programs that will make you know the staff that are experienced also it will drastically reduce the losses your other workers have caused you

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