Sunday, 23 October 2016

Top best online commercial occupation(s) you can create for your self

Top best online commercial occupation(s) you can create for your selfFor you to be a business man or women does not necessarily mean you should only involve your self in offline businesses which are businesses like buying and selling, transport services, kitchen and catering services. don't miss understand me offline businesses are Good and nice but the fact is you can also explore your business ideas in
online businesses. therefore in this post i will only list and explain the top and the best online commercial occupation(s) you can create for your self, and some that just need to join. But before then what are the benefit of online commercial occupation is that it is easy to set up, easy to maintain, also in most cases cheap to maintain and as well as to set up. so below are the online commercial occupation.

  1. Application creating and software management: i made this the number one on my list because i know it is easy. the only things you have to have are a computer , a mobile phone , an Internet service provider, and the knowledge/ idea on application creating and software management. mobile applications especially android application and softwares are popular and many people round the world are willing to pay for any application so far as it is of Good quality,unique, can serve the purpose it was created for effectively  and most importantly make sure the application is not copied that is people have not used it before. When your application or software has this quality, i tell you the sky is just your starting point. on the other there are several advert companies that you can use to earn cash from you application and this will be discussed in full in our next post
  2. Writing and selling of e-books: the only challenge to will likely face is plagiarism, that is people will copy you work and reproduce it as theirs. But note don't be discouraged because you can protect your e-book content with the help of the copy write law. we all know that every thing that has a challenge on the other hand has certain benefits or advantages. the benefit of writing and selling e-books is that when an e-book is sold your cash comes to you, you don't have to pay any body unless you advertised it using any advert company such as adense. also when your book is bought the buyer after experiencing the what your book has to offer  (positively i must emphasis ) he or she will definitely tell others to check out the book and you will gain more buyers through that means. note also for effective selling of your E-book you need to improve your writing skills, you need to write quality books and also try any possible thing you can do to make sure your e-books are not plagiarized because it will directly or indirectly reduce the quality of your E-books.
  3. Website creating and designing: we are getting to a stage where every business must get a website or a blog, in order for the business persons to make there various business known to the public. when you are a young aged person have the opportunity to learn website creation and designing i put it to you you are  luck and at a higher advantage. Now when you are able to design and create a good website or web page effectively with out errors you can search for business groups , companies that don't have a website and you make an offer for them to give you the contract to create one for them. also you can get to companies and business organization that have a site already and you establish an interest that you want to maintain their site for the. but i urge you to be straight forward, be careful to avoid mistakes, always do you best and i believe you good handworks will generate enough revenue for you and bring more web creating contracts for you.
  4. Online business coaching: well many bloggers like me are online business coaches, and we make little money from them and i know you can key into the online occupation. but you need to make more research about different online businesses so that will will master at least 90% of online businesses and after the research and after getting the various online business tips you can now be called an online business coach. and i know many young and old people are looking for various ways to earn money online you can  make your self open for them and they will employ you as their online business coach and they will in turn pay you some cash at when due.

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