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Things you need to know before using NIPOST as means of promoting business establishment

Things you need to know before using NIPOST as means of promoting business establishmentThe British established the department of post and tele communications (P and T) as a system of communication in Nigeria. its functions included the carriage and delivery of mail, telegram and tele phones messages within and out side Nigeria. By 1984, the federal government separated the postal division from the post and telecommunication department and used  it to create the Nigerian postal
service department (NIPOST) as a communication agency responsible for the carriage and delivery of mails,parcels, etc. within and outside the country. NIPOST is a federal government parasitically

Essentially,NIPOST's functions include:

  1. The carriage and delivery of all postal items to their destinations securely.
  2. Delivery of all postal items at their destinations safety and at the required time 
NIPOST as a communication agency is responsible for the handling and delivering of letters and other postal items within and outside Nigeria. NIPOST carries out its postal services by handling the following types of letters for business development:

  1. Ordinary letters: letters are means through which an individual or a business organization makes contact with other individuals, business organizations and customers. documents usually sent as letters invoices , letters of inquiry, quotations , price list and catalogs. the commonest form of communication is the ordinary letter. it is simply written , put in an envelope and addressed to the person to who it is sent , called the addressee. the sender's address is written at the back of the envelope. A stamp is affixed to it and dropped in the post office. the post office will then deliver it to the addressee who may be in or outside Nigeria. the largest volume of work handled by the post office is the ordinary letter post
  2. Express letter: some people require quick delivery of their letters. the NIPOST provides such a service by means of express. an extra fee is charged for carrying the letter and the express. the sender hands the letter to the counter clerk who affixes an express label on it for recognition. the NIPOST will then arrange for its special delivery. it should take an ordinary letter five days to be delivered at its destination while an express letter may take about two days.
  3. Airmail services: the NIPOST provides facilities for sending letters and parcels by air to their customers in foreign countries. the letters and parcels are sent by air are put in an airmail envelop. if such an envelope is note available, an airmail label obtained from the postal clerk may be affixed to the envelop and airmail may be boldly written on the envelop. Airmail services attract a higher postage rate than the surface mail services. NOTE: airmail services promotes international trade
  4. Parcel posts: another important facility provided by the NIPOST is caring parcels to different destinations both within and outside the country. the parcel must properly tied and waxed to ensure that the contents are intact for delivery. the sender hands the parcel to the counter clerk who weighs it to determine the cost of postage. after paying the correct postage in stamps he issues a receipt to the sender.parcels may be sent by land, by air or sea. the cost of postage varies according to the mode of posting and weight
  5. Business reply system: by these system a business man prepays the post office for the reply to his letter. usually the sender will enclose a prepaid envelop with stamp and mail it to the addressee. the addressee in turn will give a reply using the prepaid envelop. this system of prepaying for returned post or a reply encourages quick responds to letter. the method is usually used by advertising companies to attract people to respond positively to their advertisement or complete their questionnaires and return to the company. it is an important for a quick and efficient means of conducting business
  6. Provision of post office boxes(PO boxes) and private mail bags (P.M.B): NIPOST provides post office boxes and mail bags to interested individuals or business organizations. on application the NIPOST allocates a box to a person or business organizations. two keys, the original and duplicate are given to the user to enable him collect his letters and any time he wishes. in case of a mail bag, one key is given to the owner and the duplicate will be held by the NIPOST to enable it sort letters into the bag. the NIPOST charges a fee for the use of the box and a higher fee for the use of a mail bag.
NIPOST can be one major way a business firm or establishment can use in promoting there products and also the use of post office boxes and mail bags ensure safety and quick delivery of mails.

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