Saturday, 8 October 2016

The role of government groups and agencies in product distribution in nigeria

The role of government groups and agencies in product distribution in nigeriaA lot efforts have been made by different governments in Nigeria to ensure that essential goods are distributed equitably. the federal government for instance established the Nigerian national supply company (NNSC) which has presently gone into oblivion. the marketing boards and river basin authorities were also established by the federal
government to encourage mass production and distribution of agricultural products. while federal government was making all these efforts to see that goods are distributed to different parts of the country and at reasonable prized. the state
governments did not fold there hands and watch. many state government played significant role in seeing to the effective distribution of goods at relatively cheap prices.

today we hear of Lagos state by purchasing cooperation, imo state marketing board , Anambra state distribution agency (ASDA) and others in others states. we cannot mention all here

these government agencies help to make goods available from areas where they are produced to areas they are needed. they purchase these goods in bulk from their producers and sell them directly to consumers at controlled prices. the Lagos state bulk purchasing cooperation sells its essential goods at designated centers including school, compounds where they sell books for publisher prices. these agencies through their activities which include stabilization help in combating inflation.

they also serve as instruments for combating artificial scarcity created by hoarders. one important attribute of these government agencies is that profit making is not the main aim for their establishment. as a result of this, the prices of their goods tend to by relatively low. these agencies also help producers to produce these goods in large quantities by giving them credit facilities. for example the NNSC when it was in existence used to import the essential goods whose local production could not meet peoples demand essential.


all said and done government agencies play immense role in the distribution of goods in Nigeria

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