Monday, 17 October 2016

Railway transportation (train) as best way to carry bulk goods for business men in Nigeria

Rail transportation makes use of train. the train does not move on ordinary roads as motor vehicles. it moves on rail lines called railway. the rail lines are specially constructed for trains which are the only means of transportation in that system. the present network of rail transportation operates on single track which is out of fashion. that is why rail
transportation has not been effective for some time now. the federal government  lunched the construction of double track standard gauge railway system in 2006. this will modernize the rail way transportation in Nigeria.

Railway is expensive to construct and manage, hence it is usually owned by the government especially in developing countries. in Nigeria, the railway is a public cooperation managed by the Nigerian railway cooperation (NRC). the railway in Nigeria links the south with the northern part of the country. one line runs from Lagos to Kano and the second one from port Harcourt to kaura namoda.

two categories of train exist in Nigeria- goods train and passengers train. goods train carry heavy and bulky imported as such vehicles, machines, constructions materials.petroleum, products and also locally manufactured goods from the south to the north. the trains also carry the agricultural products such as cotton, grand nut, ginger, cattle, etc. from the north to the south. passengers trains carry mostly business people and human beings( non business men) to different railway stations. in some cases they carry some quantities of goods(freight) and mail to their destinations. trains stop only at railway stations where some of their passengers will disembark and others join them.

Nigerian railway cooperation operates express trains which also carry passengers, mail and dome quantity of freight. some trains move faster than other forms of land transportation. they run on fixed routes and stop only at designated railway stations. it is relatively cheap to travel by train compared with other forms of land transportation


Rail way transportation is cheaper to carry heavy goods over long distances and it has higher capacity to carry heavy and bulky goods over long distances.

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