Sunday, 23 October 2016

Quick reference for some one who is just starting a business today

Quick reference for some one who is just starting a business todayStarting and joining a business enterprise is some thing that is easy to say and some how difficult to maintain. This is because in most cases the capital you intend using to start a business might not be available at that instant time. on the  other hand to join a business group is also some thing you need to think about and make basic research on the
business you intend joining in order not to fall into the hands of scammers. because of these reasons and difficulty in maintaining a business enterprise i have come up with this post i titled quick reference for some one who is just starting a business today so that i will be able to help some one in any business difficulty. below are basic facts you need to know.

  1. Formal recording of a business enterprise and the business services:The first step of any business director should take is creating your business and the second you must do is to register your site with any business association, this is so that your business can have popularity and gaining popularity will be achieved when you have a good business and brand name and you should check out for legitimate advertising companies such as google adwords. Also there are various business procedures, files and data you will generate when performing business activities, and you will need to keep adequate records of these business transactions.
  2. Employing staff: definitely ones business must grow and when it has grown to an enviable level you will have to add more work force and the only way to do this is adding paid staff. but i want to stress that you employ quantity staff in this regards, also only employ the number of staff that you will be able to pay at when due. also before signing a contract deal with the person you want to employ make sure you screen such persons or persons so that you will not make mistakes in your business activities.
  3. Statement of business debts and credits: This is important because you need to follow up your profits along side what you are to spend when doing any business transactions. every business group, person and entity should check out this point very well because you need to know when you are losing out in a business and when you are making enough gain from a business transaction. note when you are losing out in a business i urge you to withdraw from such business or try every thing humanly possible to improve your potential business profit/ gain rate. on the other hand when you are making enough profit just continue, try to be consistent and avoid unnecessary errors when performing any activity in the business you are associated with.
  4. Payment of tax: payment of taxes is important and i advice you do not owe the government, make sure you pay you your tax as at when due. also add up all you expenditure and tax rate before you fix a certain price for your goods and may be for the services you render. this will enable you not to have much lapses when you subtract your selling price from cost price of your goods and also you should bear in mind that you tax is used for the development of the society that is you are also doing well when you pay your task.

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