Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Most essential means to make cool cash online: in the current economic state

As we all know the state of the economy in our country is not at the right shape and every body both male and female is looking for means to diversify his or her income source. concerning the income sources, we all might be using to generate income : we have the offline and online means. but in this post i will discuss  more on the online means and the online means involve lot of
online businesses but in this post i will throw 
  • Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is very easy to do, it just involves selling items online and you are paid a certain percentage of the revenue the affiliate company got from the sale. there are lots of affiliate networks/ companies in the world right now and they include

Most essential means to make cool cash online: in the current economic state
more light on affiliate marketing.

1.     Jumia market affiliate program also known as Kaymu affiliate program
2.     Shareasale
3.     Clickbank
4.     Flexoffers
well i will give more explanations to Jumia market affiliate program also known as Kaymu affiliate

Jumia market affiliate program also known as Kaymu affiliate: i made this affiliate marketing program the number one on the list because it is african based, and as a nigerian you can join any time and any day and there are various ways one can make money from the affiliate marketing network

Means you can generate money from jumia

1.     online shopping revenue: this is the revenue you get when some one be it male or female buys an item from jumia through your affiliate link. currently in 2016 jumia has fixed an amount that will be payed to jumia affiliate marketers when an item is sold and the static amount is N700 ( seven hundred naira)
2.     revenue for creating a jumia affiliate account: men this is why jumia affiliate marketing is powerful, and this is more as a free cash because what you don't have to work or sell any product to earn this cash. meanwhile the amount you will earn when you register is N500 (five hundred naira) it will reflect on you account cash manager dashboard immediately after confirming you registration

PAYMENT THRESHOLD: as we all know one is not paid immediately to his or her bank account, you have to reach a certain amount. several programs that monetize website, blogs have several payment threshold, for example Google adsense threshold is $100 and the payment threshold for jumia affiliate program is N3000  (three thousand naira) . also note you can withdraw immediately you reach N3000 or above N3000


affiliate marketing is one of the best means to generate online revenue in this current economic state. jumia affiliate marketing is easy to join, legit;that is you will be paid at when due so far as you have reached the payment threshold and all you have to do advertise your affiliate link which you can do easily with google adwords. and when get an affiliate link just rest as you cash doubles.

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