Monday, 10 October 2016

learn how to get loans from any bank for your importation and exportation of goods

hey the reader of this post, if you are interested in importation and exportation of goods and services there are basic requirement, this you need to have or factors that will enable one to get access to a bank loan and on the other hand you will learn how to get loans from any bank for your importation ad exportation business and
below are the requirements. 
  1.   Export license: you need to have an export license; you cannot be in export business without one. You will find requirements and procedure to get your own export license here.
  2.  Business feasibility plan: you need a business plan to show the long/short term feasibility of the business.
  3. A certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  4.  A valid export contract: This is to show that, yes, you have a buyer for the commodity you intend to export.
  5.  Acceptable payment instrument: A payment instrument is a guarantee that you will get your money at the end of the transaction. Among the various payment instruments available, Letter of Credit is more acceptable.
  6.  Bank financial statements
  7.  Evidence of previous exports
  I believe when you as an importer or exporter is able to reach at least about five to seven requirements where number one on the list above is compulsory, that is you as a business man must have an export license. you will be able to obtain loan from any bank in Nigeria and other countries in the world

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