Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Key equipments you need to start up a typing business store

Key equipments you need to start up a typing business storeSetting up a typing business that you wish to earn money from is not hard but is just that some of the essential equipments you need are costly. but in this post i have decided to list out the key equipments you need to start up a typing business store. below are all of them
  1. Typewriter or a computer: well we are at a modern age and what is working out more is computers and you can get a laptop, which is portable easy to carry about and the advantage of computers (laptops) is that computers are better in size, faster , easier and they have higher abilities. now moving over to type writers; type writers can come in two categories - manual and electronic. a typewriter is a keyed machine which enables the user to copy,and type word documents and thats what the computer is also used for.  computers and type writers are labour saving device as well as means of producing neat type written works. several letters and documents such as invoices, vouchers, memos can be typed on a computer and a typewriter.
  2. Duplicating machines: a duplicating machine is a device that can reproduce, copy or print work. it uses a special sheet called stencils on the surface of which characters may be typed and pictures drawn. the machine is sometimes used as a substitute for printing to reduce cost. work being duplicated ca be done quickly and on time. duplicating machines provide stencil, spirit duplicating services. or both spirit duplicating services. in both spirit and stencil duplicating, more copies of letters or documents can be reproduced at speeds ranging between 40 and 300 copies per minute. spirit duplicating is used to produce such documents as sales invoices, notices and drawing. offset duplicating is a form of printing and can produce, for example magazines catalogs and similar documents. two types of duplicating machines common are 'Gestetners' and 'Roneos', these are ink 
  3. Photocopier: this machine helps the user to produce copy or copes of letters and documents by photographic method. these letters or documents are produced faster than on the computers or type writers. some photo copier machines can also enlarge or reduce letters/documents. in general photocopying machines produce an exact likeness of the original documents whether enlarged or reduced in form. this is done without changing it original self
  4. Adding and calculating machines: there are different types of adding and calculating machines. some are operated electrically while others are manually operated. the two main types of adding machines are (1)Adding/listing machines: which produce printed figures used for listing figures and reconciling accounts and statements (2) Non-listing adding machines: which only record the total of the figures that have been fed into it. adding machines can add, subtract divide and multiply figures. there are key driven, rotary and printing calculators which could be electrical or manual.
  5. Filling cabinets: filling cabinets will help you to retrieve letters or documents safely. there are different kinds of filling cabinets. some are in the form of drawers or cupboards.
  6. Stapler: This is a machine used for pinning papers and other documents together. some are big( to hold large papers/ documents together), others medium, or small in size ( to hold varying sizes of letters/ documents to ether). special staples of various sizes are used in these machines to fit the particular type/ make. this machine is some times referred to as a stapling machine. it has reduced the use of pins and clips

typing business store is easy to establish. what you need is determination, believe you can do it and you will,and lastly get all the six (6) equipments listed above and i believe you will surely establish a long lasting typing business.

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