Tuesday, 18 October 2016

key business advertising media for adequate business growth

key business advertising media for adequate business growthAdvertising media refers to the various channels through which manufacturers, business persons, producers make the public aware of their products. we shall now consider some of the key business advertising media for adequate business growth.
  1. NEWSPAPERS: newspapers are important channel of advertisement in the world. newspaper advertisement are referred to as visual advertisement. this means advertisement which you can see. examples of newspapers in which you will find advertisement include  THE GUARDIAN, VANGUARD AND NEW NIGERIAN. each of these advertises different products and some times, job vacancies. as a matter of management policy the new Nigerian does not carry advertisements in respect of alcoholic drinks. a major disadvantage of newspaper advertisement is that its reach is limited to only those who can read and write. even among these not all will be able to afford to buy the newspaper. besides some new newspapers may not enjoy wide circulation across different states of the federation, in which case the message is restricted to only these states reached by news papers
  2. MAGAZINES: the many magazines in the country carry advertisements. examples of such magazines include: newswatch, African guardian and quality. Advertisements carried by these magazines cover a wild range of goods, e.g food products, cosmetics, and household goods. they are also visual advertisements and usually include pictures of the products plus write ups on same.
  3. RADIO: radio advertisement is the most popular form of advertisement in Nigeria today and is referred to as audio advertisements. for audio advertisements , one can hear but not see what is being advertised. the advertisement produces only sound and no vision. if a product is being advertised on radio its use cannot be demonstrated visually at the time of advertising. in spite of the above radio advertising can reach more people than either newspaper or magazine adverts. when the radio is tuned many people and even neighbors can hear what is been said. in some cases the advertisement may be in local languages which can be understood by both the literate and non literate.
  4. TELEVISION: television advertisement are called audio visual advertisements, meaning that you can hear and see what is being advertised through the combination of sight and sound. there are many television stations in Nigeria. a part from the national television networks which is relayed through out all the states of the federation, most of the states have their individual television stations.television advertising is most appreciated when product demonstration is needed, because of its audio visual nature. a wide range of products can be advertised in a single message. the pictures advertised may be still or moving because it offers a true life display, it appeals to customers. a major dis advantage of television is that its adverts are restricted to the period the television is on air.
  5. POSTERS:these are usually displayed on huge hoarding and billboards along main roads and tend to create a vivid impression of the products being advertised on road users. the commonest products advertised on his medium are manufactured goods with brand names e.g milo, maggi cubes, different brands etc. the pictures are usually impressive works of arts

there are other media of advertising but we shall limit our examples to the above, being the most common ones in Nigeria. most adverts in Nigeria are carried out by advertising agencies. these are specialists; they advise businessmen on the most appropriate from for advertising their products and assist in selecting the media considered most suitable.

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