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Internet commerce and basic services provided by the Internet

Internet commerce and basic services provided by the InternetAnother name for Internet is electronic commerce. it is continued to grow across the globe over the years. only some years back, it was estimated that by the year 2000, total sales revenue from the Internet would reach $6.6 billion. many companies have taken advantage of the Internet to target their customers and increase
efficiency.They sell their goods over the Internet. They do this in steps. the first is to establish an Internet storefront. the storefront will then advertise its product in high volumes to millions of customers who
will see the products when they land on the Internet. the next step follows.

the business of buying and selling over the Internet. the above transactions will include all of the functions required to process the transactions, which include payment, invoicing, purchasing and delivery.

basic services provided by the Internet

the following are the basic services provided by the Internet
  1. electronic mail, usually called email
  2. access to the world wide web (www)
  3. newsgroups for varieties of news and discussion topics. newsgroups are public forums devoted to a particular subjects.
  4. mailing list: this service enables people with a shared interest to send messages to each other and hold a group conversation. mailing lists are usually smaller and smaller than news groups
  5. file transfer from other computers
  6. discussion with other people using chats: this is called online communication. online means of this service, you are able to communicate with people in any part of the world live. yo do so, in a more immediate way than sending email and waiting for reply. all you have to do is  to say and press ''enter'' on the keyboard. the other person's reply will appear immediately on the monitor for you to read. it is like a telephone conversation. the only difference is having type what you have to say.

for Internet commerce and business to take place there are various online service providers that facilitate easy access to the Internet. three most popular service providers are American online (AOL), Compuserve and the Microsoft network (MSN)

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