Monday, 3 October 2016

Courier services basic means for international business

Courier services basic means for international businessThe courier service is a special quick mail delivery service . it started as an organized private business aimed at collecting ,transporting, efficient handling and safe delivery of letters , business documentations , parcels, to their destinations either by land or by air. sending letters , documents etc.. courier is safer and faster
than express letters but more expensive because letters, documents etc. must get to their destinations safely and and at the stipulated time.courier companies have capable personnels and a well organized transport system to ensure that letters, documents etc sent through them get to their destinations both within and outside the country promptly and safety too. the major courier service providers including DHL, Res star, UPS

NIPOST also established a department called express mail services (EMS) speed post to provide courier services for the public. it is the latest effort of the government to improve the communication system for the public and the business organizations in general. the EMS speed post department charges higher rates for sending letters, documents etc. through it than the rate charged for express letters by NIPOST. EMS speed post services is available in the major post offices across the country.

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