Tuesday, 11 October 2016

BEST time for business in Nigeria is now and any other time to come

BEST time for business in Nigeria is now and any other time to comeNote that all the time we have as human beings are best moments for business in Nigeria. therefore the best time for business in Nigeria is now and any other time to come.There is no better time to start a business in Nigeria than now. remember surely Nigeria must

be at least of her best but everyone has to be at their best. if we can notice Most countries that are rich and those countries
that perform well are filled with entrepreneurs, in the sense almost all indulge in
businesses. office and government works do not develop the economy of the nation. therefore when many and more of the citizens of the country are entrepreneurs of various businesses, the country/ nation will definitely develop. and the development will involve development in economy, and infrastructural development.

the main fact is that business requires one to be steadfast and wait as he or she works very hard i do believe all of us including me want to hit money, cash, success very fast and due to that if you travel abroad you see Africans, Nigerians working hard and doing low level jobs which they might not like to do in their home country.note in order to be successful , you must be hardworking, don't involve pride in you life and always keep your self busy all the time.

There are many and more things to do, jobs, business . we must put food on our table, that is true we must build buildings, houses , we must by vehicles , in short we must be successful but you can only achieve this if you are earning some cash, when you work, when you have a job or when you are involved in one business or the other and this dream might be tarnished if you keep waiting for white collar jobs.

CONCLUSIONi have observed that there are many and more ways we can succeed in Nigeria, talking about our business line. and there are more business opportunities looking at us in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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