Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Advertisement as main source of income for commercial radio station owners

Advertisement as main source of income for commercial radio station ownersEstablishing a radio station is some thing that requires high determination and enough capital in other to fund the start up process of the business. meanwhile the man aim of establishing every radio station information, and entertainment broadcasting. before we go into the details of advertising in respect to commercial radio stations services,
you need to establish a radio station that will stand the test of time but before then you need to obtain license from any body in charge of issuing license to radio stations in some cases it might be the government that and  issue licenses. After gaining your license you need are now qualified to establish a radio station, then go ahead and start your building processes, make sure you acquire the latest and most reliable transmission tools: as you know radio broadcasting is done using lots of transmitters , then after getting your transmitters and other equipment you are good to go.

now i believe you must have been working with best well staff and you relay quality broadcasts and contents just as Firegain.com relay quality contents and also make sure your broadcasts are not copied and make sure your broadcasts are unique.

Advert placements is  the main means of making money from your radio station, but the only secret of gaining advertisers is just having quality broadcasts and programs relayed by your radio station. but mind you if  your radio station is new you might not get quality advertisers immediately , it will take some time.


  1. Through sponsored programs: in this case the advertisers will come to the studio and explain more about their products and his or her statements will be recorded and relayed in subsequent times
  2. Through jingles: in these point the advertiser does not need to come to the studio rather it is one of the staff of the radio station (that is a jingle expert) will speak more about the product or program with songs playing in or out and this is called 'jingle' in advertisement modules.

below are the basic instruments, equipments and materials you need to set up a radio station

  1. Microphone for speaking 
  2. Transmitters for transmitting sounds, signals from the radio station studio center
  3. sound mixers
  4. transmitter connectors and lines
  5. Amplifiers
  6. Set of computers and computer applications and softwares
  7. connection wires
  8. speakers to make louder sounds

Mean while note that you can buy such equipments in Amazon and other trust worthy sound and electrical appliance dealers test before buying

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