Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A post for a business person that is looking forward to progress in his or her business line

A post for a business person that is looking forward to progress in his or her business linein this post  i am to explain what a business minded person should have, do and characters he or she should exhibit in other to progress in such a person's business line. now as the title of these post implies ''a post for a business person that is looking forward to progress in his
or he business line'' the this business men and women must do, have or exhibit include the following
  1. be hard working: men this is the key, if as a human being , you are lazy, you don't strive to work more you are at the right place because you will find it difficult to make it. now most people will say they are not lazy, OK since you are not lazy answer this question, do you work hard? OK now you might might say you are working hard, then answer this question, are you working harder, ya. when you are working hard and harder i tell you the sky is your starting point. therefore i urge each and every one of us, business entities, business men, business women, business aspirants, business organizations to embrace hard work so that their various businesses will keep improving.
  2. be serious with your business: now irrespective of the fact that we are hardworking per say, on the order hand if you are not serious, then you will indirectly pull down other business qualities you have because for regular business growth you need to be serious, and being serious involves many and more issues which are coming to your business place early, making sure you finish your work at the right time that is leaving no file untouched, employing staff of high quality and in the right quantity. but mind you in employing staff look well and conduct more test, examinations and interviews in order not to employ substandard workers.
  3. proper supervision: this point is very important because the trust there is that when you business develops to a higher level, you will need workers, people you will employ, staff of diverse fields. on the other hand i believe you have analyzed point two talking about conducting standard interviews, exam, test . in order to avoid employing the wrong staff. now if you have done this DON'T GO AND RELAX because you will now face more challenges which involves paying your workers and and supervising them. you have to look into your employees and what they are doing. make sure they deliver all the task you have distributed to them at the right time and with out mistakes because when you don't do this some of your customers will see your business as a play ground and they will run away from you and your business and definitely they will not come back unless you take actions that will create more positive value to your customers. which will be discussed in my next posts to come. there fore prepare more for them
your business is your business, the gain / profit is yours, if your business should lose its commercial value you will bear the loss. there fore make sure you are hardworking, serious with your business and you supervise your workers very well.

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